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Evaluations & Admissions

We do not and cannot accept every child who comes in.

We have a very hard time turning down children. However, we have to make decisions based upon the potential results –or the lack of it thereof which we identify pertaining to our child actors’ ability to get signed by Hollywood talent agents.

Should your child not get accepted, we have a moral obligation to offer you the following opportunities:

Two free sessions in personal growth, which can be scheduled the day we make the final decision, will be offered to families who have identified concerns with grades, homework, and a general tendency towards approaching life in general and school, negatively. It is a short but extremely effective program and there is no cost for that. Parents have to effectively communicate with us about their child’s needs to be offered such opportunity. Bring it on, because we are not here to judge, we are here to empower. We are honored every time we are given such opportunity.

This is in addition to the exercise in personal growth, which will change your child’s life forever. There is no cost for that, and the exercise takes place during or open house evaluation and presentation day.

You may think that our acting lessons in Orange county, being right around the corner for local families, they should be made available to every child. We are committed to offering acting classes to children who will be able to obtain acting contracts with top talent agents in Los Angeles. Although, the law doesn’t allow for us to offer guaranties, our success rate is tremendous, because we are a selective acting school in Orange county.

Please ask about our Summer Camp Orange Orange County program, which is offered to more children and requires a less extensive evaluation process.