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Life Success

The ability to succeed in any and all aspects of life, and why does acting empower children to do just that?

Kids acting classes make the difference between the children obtaining employment or not. A successful audition for instance, is not different from a successful interview. Kids acting lessons in Orange County are convenient for local families.

We are the only institution in Orange County, in proper standing with the Sate of California.

Let’s extend the discussion to a broader age range than such of our children actors. Every day we are compelled to solve problems on the job. We need to focus in areas which demand our immediate attention. We deal with crisis, which we have learned will occur no matter what we do to prevent them.

A child actor with the ability to switch to a state of highest energy –Peak State and focus, is more likely to book a job against a child who has received no, or a more conventional acting training. Such highly capable individual will be able to successfully emerge from any and all situation in his or her life, a winner. Because of our children’s ability to shift into the highest level of focus, expression, analyzing skills, determination, and peak state, life will present the same challenges as for everybody else, but our children can manage them. They can now, and will as they enter adult life. Our children’s acting classes are made to empower our child actors, but the acting aspect is actually the icing on the cake!

Our children are taught to analyze a screenplay and become the character. They are taught to learn how to love products, instead of just performing a commercial. Our kid actors are skilled graduates, who are able to see the protagonist and the antagonist point of view in any story, and become one of the two characters or be the most accurate and efficient supporting cast with them.

Our children are whom we love and have dedicated our entire lives to empower.

An acting school for children should be a fun environment. We have had children from anywhere and everywhere, from two years to eleven year with us. When it is no longer fun for your child, it is time to take them out! We do offer short programs, and the longer program which we offer is limited initially to around 2/3% of the children.