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Stardom and the Ultimate Result

The first lesson of life is such of LOVE.

Earning money is giving oneself a tool towards giving ones loved ones a good life, and generously giving back to other human beings. At times, people who live in scarcity wonder why their entire wealth and lifestyle gets taken away from them. Living in a state of scarcity brings nothing but more of the same lack. A generous approach and sharing the fruit of one’s success, brings abundance.

Rewards and punishments –or rather life’s lessons, are brought about by… Ourselves. The result, subsequent to how one deals with ones destined purpose is inherent to the ability to identify such purpose in the first place.

The more you give back, the more you receive.

Acting a Successful Life

Imagine your child waking up in the morning and seeing herself in the mirror. She smiles.

“I love you”, she says.

Staring in her own eyes she becomes joyous and grateful as her mind wanders to that big role, that huge set and that fabulous job, which she booked. Suddenly she is performing a scene in a movie, or in her favorite show on television. Is she a star on a Disney show? Did Paramount offer her work and she is now performing on the set at the studios? Or is it Universal Studios?

Breathing techniques, are simply taking huge breaths in. Oxygen is the key.

Gratitude, Positive thoughts, incantation type of affirmations,

All of it allows for you/your child, to create an unprecedented future.

Your child’s mind wanders to that big acceptance speech…

Mirror incantations in the morning before going to school and “thoughts becoming things” brought about by, envisioning an unprecedented future, right before falling asleep. Your little girl is now creating the life she has decided to manifest for herself.

The laws of the Universe work for any and all chosen types of endeavor.

Make sure your choice “feels good”… You are meant to be a doctor, not because mom is one and said you should get into the family business. You will perform surgery only because it is YOUR dream, your calling.

In order to become an actor, a model, a singer etc… You have to have been born to be a Performer.

“You can’t make a healer out of a performer, or a financier out of a craftsman or an artist. Each of us has a given path to follow. Following one’s path brings us success in our given field. It enables you to travel the Unavoidable Path and when such achievement is brought about; you will know deep inside that you are fulfilling your destiny.”

Some of our children have chosen this field of endeavors as a recreational activity and are meant to book a few commercials, TV shows and become attorneys later on in life. God help you if you end up being a lawyer :). Others are meant to grow up to become A list actors. Some Kids Acting School, ICT children of ours, are series regular actors on television as we speak.


You have to think it before you do it:

Passing the bar has to happen in your mind, first. Graduate from cooking school and see yourself bake the best cookies. Smell the butter prior to becoming that Chef.

In conclusion, your life is wonderful, if you say so, dream it up, and follow your path.

You can have it all and we want for everything your child wants to come to past.

The Kid Acting School, ICT institution conducts bi-weekly evaluations. The school only accepts a limited amount of applicants.

One more point: You are prosperous in any economy if you say so.