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Tips for Success

1)  Step one: Booking a job on film, television and commercials:

Work on your lines:

1.  Memorize the lines. Our teachers feed the children 2 and a half years old to 6 years of age, the lines which they cannot read yet.

2.  Take a good look at the text. Identify the text. Understand the sub-text.

What makes this multidimensional character brilliant, happy, scared, sad, depressed? What makes her/him flawed and profoundly human? At Kids Acting School, ICT, the talent is invited within the different age-ranges to fall in love with the product, become the character and embrace each scene and the progression of the story as if the character’s actions and reactions and point of view became their own. The talent is guided towards conducting a thorough research enabling her/him towards identifying what the hidden message is.

1.  How will you express the positive and negative qualities in the most accurate way?

2.  How does the character interact with the other characters or how is the product being advertised, presented to the public?

3.  Why does the character love? Hate? Embrace? Disapprove?

4.  As per commercial acting and product oriented advertising: Why is this product successful and why is everyone watching the commercial, the actor? Indeed, what makes people buy products?

5.  What does the character want? Better still, what does the character need?

6.  What keeps her/him going, fighting?

2)  Step two: Envision your result beyond the audition and call back to producer:

Project your success:

A) Standing in front of your mirror, whom do you see? Do you see yourself as the actor “trying” to portray someone else or sell the product? Watch the expression on your face as you perform. Have you become the character? Are you one with the product yet? As there are only two possibilities, you will either come across like: “This is mine, I own this, I am the character, I love this product and represent it”… Or “Did I do okay? Am I getting this? I am concerned about my result –well, that was bad.”

Pet yourself on the back and repeat ten times LOUDLY:

I am outstanding and successful!

Talent agents seem to believe that our child actors are, as we have weekly visits from top Hollywood agents who come all the way down to Orange County to audition our kids actors.

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