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Your Path

We come into incarnation to fulfill a specific destiny. Our life unfolds with predetermined structures of activities, whether we are aware of it or not.

When we feel that life has not been kind to us, and that we should have or could have obtained some aspects or elements which have eluded us, it is likely that we are on the wrong path.

One can, at any time envision profound changes in one’s professional and or personal life. The Unavoidable Path has to do with the valuable lessons which we come to this plane to learn.

We are here to achieve a specific destiny we all have a concept of greater purpose. In some strange way, our path is chosen at the soul level before we incarnate. Whatever religion you believe in, each and every one of us has experienced a sense of inevitability. What is meant to happen within the universe, will unfold, as long as we evolve within our chosen path.

Your line of work for instance is always directly linked with specific achievements you are meant to create within your lifetime while necessary lessons get to be learned within such process, along with other aspects of life.

If you work within a service oriented type of environment for instance, maintaining and/or cleaning, you have chosen to be of service to your fellow human beings. Perhaps the lessons are such of selflessness. A physician travels the path of a healer. A life coach is a door opener. We are such “door openers” at Kids acting school, ICT and what we teach pertains to education within a competitive field of endeavors.

Whatever our children end up achieving as they become adults, we prepare them to become life-gladiators, so they can conquer whatever life experience will be theirs.
Kids Acting School, ICT graduates, grow up to ALWAYS enjoy an optimum resolution of any of life’s problem. There is no way you can avoid winter. It has always come after summer, and always will, right?

Our child actors/leaders, welcome the “cold” season. They know that they strive best when challenges are around the corner.